Truckmate bridge saver

Introducing the Truckmate Bridge Saver! The must-have new tool to protect you from bridge strikes

Meet Bridge-Saver, specially designed to warn large vehicle drivers of impassable bridges or tunnels and help reduce the 2000 bridge strikes that take place in the UK each year. That's an average of five a day!

At Snooper we are strong supporters of Network Rail's 'Wise up, size up' campaign and we have found that there are no products on the market that offer drivers of large vehicles accurate information on whether their vehicle will fit under a bridge or not Tunnel.

From here Truckmate Bridge-Saver was born; the first product designed to use GPS to provide accurate information about upcoming bridges.

Bridge-Saver allows users to submit the height and width of up to ten vehicles to be warned of restricted bridges and tunnels. Perfect if you are used to driving different trucks.

The 5 inch LCD touch screen offers a large and clear display with easy to read instructions. At a glance, the screen will display a clear green signal to indicate that the upcoming bridge is at a safe height for the vehicle to proceed. A red warning is displayed on the screen when an upcoming bridge is too low for the vehicle. The display also features a speedometer to show an accurate speed of the vehicle using the internal GPS antenna.

Bridge-Saver can be tailored to the driver and road conditions with user-definable warning distances. You can change the notifications so that you are notified at the time that is most convenient for you in case you need a few minutes in advance to switch to a different route.

All Bridge Saver products sold by Snooper come standard with free lifetime updates ensuring your device is always up to date. All Snooper products are powered by Here™ Maps, recognized as the market leading map provider.

View the product here [link to product page] and get your Truckmate Bridge Saver today. Don't become a statistic, be a bridge saver!

If you are unfortunate enough to come across a bridge before installing the bridge saver, take a look at our blog post on How to proceed when building a bridge .