The Great British Driving Fines Quiz: Results

We've polled the UK public on their awareness of fines and penalties and the results are in! Read on to find out more.
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The Great British Driving Fines Quiz: Results - Snooper News & Views

According to the RAC Foundation, a fine is issued every 2.5 seconds in the UK, which equates to approximately 12 million license holders being fined each year. We couldn't believe it and wanted to test the UK's awareness of fines and penalties.

We surveyed a total of 835 respondents, who had an average of 67% correct answers on the driving penalty quiz. Respondents were least sure about the penalties for driving without insurance (hopefully because all of our respondents are insured and sensible drivers!). Read on to learn more about the breakdown of the answers, and if you just want to take the quiz for fun, you can here do (but don't look at the answers first!).

Q1 What is the penalty for speeding on the Autobahn?

Under Rule 261 of the Highway Code, drivers should not exceed 70 miles per hour (or the speed limit for your vehicle). If a lower speed limit is in force permanently or temporarily, drivers must comply with this lower limit.

The penalty for exceeding the speed limit on a motorway (SP50) is a minimum fine of £100 and three penalty points, which will be added to your driving license for four years. 91% of our respondents answered this question correctly, possibly due to the extensive media coverage of motorway speed limits and the increasing use of intelligent motorways in recent years.

Q2. Exceeding the legal speed limit on public roads

Respondents were less certain about the penalty for exceeding the legal speed limit on public roads (SP30), with 65% correctly indicating that drivers would receive at least three to six penalty points depending on the severity of the incident. For more information on speed penalties, go to this side .

Q3 With a mobile phone behind the wheel

Almost three quarters of our respondents knew that the penalty for using a mobile phone behind the wheel (CU80) is six points on your driving license and an acceptable fine of £200. This is another penalty that has been widely reported in the media, so drivers are aware of the negative consequences of using their phone while driving.

Q4 Driving without due care and attention

The careless driving penalty (CD10) ranges from three to nine points, depending on the severity of the incident, which will remain on your driver's license for four years. 86% of our survey participants knew this was the penalty.

Q5. Disobeying traffic lights

A shocking 26% of our respondents believed that failure to comply with traffic lights (TS10) would be punishable by a fine of £100 and might be shocked to learn that the actual penalty would be three points on their driving license for four years!

F6. Driving without insurance

Only 45% of our respondents knew that the penalty for driving without insurance (IN10) is between six and eight points on your four-year driver's license. A shocking 54% thought the penalty was a £300 road charge and six penalty points on your driving licence.

F7. Otherwise drive according to driver's license

Another traffic violation that caused confusion among our respondents was driving in accordance with a driver's license (LC20), with only 49% of respondents choosing the correct penalty or three to six points on their four-year driver's license. Some respondents (34%) thought that driving without a license means your license will be revoked for two years.

Q8 Not buckled

More than half (61%) of our respondents knew that not wearing a seat belt carries a fine of up to £500. You can also be fined up to £500 if a child under 14 is not in the correct car seat or buckled up while driving.

Thanks for taking this fun quiz - how did you fare on The Great Driving Fines Quiz? Drive safely!

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