Snoopers Leitfaden zum Ultimate Camper 2023

Snooper's Guide to Ultimate Camper 2023

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So you want the Ultimate Camper? We understand you're trying to satisfy that adventurous itch...

So you want the Ultimate Camper?

We understand you're trying to satisfy that adventurous itch...

Not to mention that fresh breeze carrying a whisper of fun times and glorious memories in your new; exciting camper rig to make matters worse.

Snoop, just give me a sign! i hear you say Okay...okay - take a deep breath; We'll cover you.


The Unimog name may be new to some of you, but we assure you that this moniker dates back to 1948 with Daimler Truck; formerly Daimler-Benz, acquisition of intellectual property from Boehringer; Takeover of Unimog production in 1951.

Fast forward to 2022, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5030 is a feat of German engineering and a beast of a motorhome platform. Equipped with a 7.7 liter six-cylinder engine with an output of 220 kW (299 hp) and a rotating maximum torque of 1200 Nm. The common-rail engine belongs to the new generation of ultra-modern Mercedes-Benz engines that meet the Euro VI emissions standard.


Happy campers creating a home where others can't even dream


Here, exclusive comfort and luxury meet uncompromising off-road exploration, discovery and expedition. Complemented by a comfortable cab, leather seats with quilted contrasting stitching - remind you that this capable camper is still a Mercedes-Benz through and through. With optional double cabin for up to 7 people.

The U 5030 is a heavy-duty off-road camper that can handle any place you and the family venture with ease. Engineered to overcome virtually any hurdle in its path. With an indestructible drive and chassis concept, it masters mud, rubble and sand as well as snow, ice and deep riverbeds - also with individual attachment and body solutions.


The ultimate camper

The Unimog with Bliss Mobil body masters almost every challenge, even though it is carrying a small luxury apartment on its shoulders.

Entering the body of the Bliss Mobil for the Unimog, you suddenly find yourself in a luxury apartment. The fronts are made of bamboo and the surfaces are made of Corian, while the relaxation furniture is covered with high-quality fabrics. Two skylights and five windows ensure a bright interior, while powerful air conditioning and underfloor heating ensure a comfortable room temperature in both the hottest and coldest climes. The slightly increased air pressure in the cabin keeps annoying insects away.

The ingenious thing about it is that it has electronically controlled suspension so that the loading area remains level even when the Unimog with the Bliss-Mobil body has been parked on rough terrain. All Bliss Mobil body electronic systems can also be controlled with an iPad or iMac.

The kitchen area with induction hob, oven, microwave, fridge and freezer offers a wealth of culinary delights that globetrotters of the past could only dream of. A cozy couch offers space for eating, a 16-liter boiler supplies warm water for the subsequent washing up and the spacious shower cubicle. Fitted under the two meter high ceiling to save space, the 140 x 200 cm double bed promises a restful night's sleep.


use the sun

Where do I get my power when I'm in the middle of the wilderness?

Park your Tesla; You need a fast charge for this one!

The engine of the basic Unimog charges eight lithium-ion batteries while driving. In addition, four monocrystalline solar modules on the roof collect the sun's energy. Even water in the desert is no problem: the tank cells can store 480 liters of fresh water and 170 liters of rainwater. Optionally, Bliss Mobil can supply a water purification unit. Those who want to experience the exclusive package that Bliss Mobil Apartment and Unimog U 5030 offer can even rent one: Bliss Mobil currently parks a small fleet of ready-to-travel Unimog vehicles worldwide, which can be used for guided tours, events or individual holidays.


Four on the floor.

With permanent four-wheel drive and differential locks on both axles for full power transmission. This specialized drive train ensures increased driving dynamics off-road and superior handling when travelling. In this way, you can make safe progress even if only one wheel has sufficient traction. This enables the Unimog to cope with inclines of up to 100%.

With a flexible torsion frame, portal axles, three differential locks, TireControl Plus (central tire inflation system) and all-wheel drive. All this allows you to overcome any off-road terrain.

The correct tire pressure for the respective task is set conveniently at the touch of a button on the display. The driver can choose between manual control or the three pre-configured modes "Road", "Sand" and "Rough". The tire pressure is then adjusted automatically. The Unimog can be driven on loose ground, from sand to mud, with low tire pressure; therefore has a larger tire contact area. This leads to better traction and less slip or more economical, safer driving on the road and higher tire pressures with a smaller surface.


Go one step further.

Load up your ride with a tailor-made experience of Snooper Ventura S6900 on . Once secured with the active magnetic mount, simply use your 7" touchscreen to enter your Unimog's dimensions and environmental settings to create routes that avoid height, width and weight restrictions. With more than 31,000 campground points of interest and free lifetime map updates, it's the perfect camping companion.

Other features include vehicle profiles, route timers, premium traffic management content and a speed limit monitor.

Not even water can hold you back; The Unimog U 5030 can wade through water up to 1.20 m deep. You won't find another camper that can compete with the Unimog.

Fear shiftless

Shift gears as you please.

Two driving programs relieve you: In automatic mode "A", the driving program takes over the gear change and the clutch completely, taking into account the load, accelerator pedal position, engine operation, gradients/inclinations and engine brake. Should it nevertheless be necessary for the driver to shift gears manually using the multifunction lever, this is also possible.

The "M" (manual) drive program offers full control. Here, too, gears are selected via the multifunction lever. The driver determines the gear and the clutch is activated automatically.