Is your dashcam installed correctly?

If you do not install your dash cam device correctly, you and other road users could be at risk of an accident.

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There are countless benefits of installing a dash cam in your car that will likely help you feel more confident when you're on the road and get lower
Dashcam insurance premiums and provide valuable evidence in the event of a claim. However, if you do not install your device correctly, you and other road users could be at risk of an accident.

We caught up with Richard Gladman from road safety organization IAM RoadSmart who emphasized the importance of correct installation to take full advantage of this innovative technology. Speaking to Cobra Electronics, Richard said: "When fitting your dash cam, ensure that the driver's view is not obstructed in any way as this could potentially cause an accident rather than prevent it.

“In general, motorists forget to share the road. To reduce the risk of an accident, look at other drivers and ask yourself, "What does this truck driver need?"

“Many drivers rush. By taking a short break, you could save yourself and other road users a lot of heartache.”

To prevent an incident from occurring due to a poorly installed dash cam, we've put together this list to ensure you get it right.

  • Mount the dashcam on the windshield and make sure it doesn't obstruct your view. Check if the dashcam lens is centered
  • Hide the dashcam cable along the headliner
  • Hide the cable between the A-pillar and B-pillar and hide the rest of the cable under the carpet
  • Plug your dash cam into the cigarette socket

Should I have my dash cam professionally installed?

While our dash cams are incredibly easy to install, there are some benefits to having them installed professionally. This ensures that there is no cable hanging over your vehicle's dashboard, while at the same time leaving your cigarette lighter free to power the sat nav or charge your phone.

About IAM Road Smart

IAM RoadSmart provides coaching and advice to all post-license drivers and passengers to develop better drivers. Through its network of thousands of volunteers and 200 local groups, the organization offers a range of training courses to teach motorists to look for danger signs on the road before they pass.