Ihre lustigsten Camping-Katastrophen

Your funniest camping disasters

At Snooper, we love nothing more than hearing about your experiences, so we decided to compile some of the funniest camping stories so you can laugh too.

Although there are many different types of vacations on offer these days, thanks to the ease of traveling between countries, we still seem to enjoy escaping into the great outdoors on a camping trip. According to the Great Britain Tourism Survey, 4.7 million camping and caravanning trips were made between January and June 2015. However, a camping holiday wouldn't be complete without something going wrong, which more often than not turns out to be hilarious.

At Snooper, we love nothing more than hearing about your experiences, so we decided to compile some of the funniest camping stories so you can laugh too.

Business trip gets muddy

Dan from Wolverhampton had a camping nightmare on a business trip a few years ago:

“Myself and two former colleagues who were also very close friends had pitched a tent in glorious sunshine, ready for a weekend of beers and food in Llandudno.

“A few days later we had a torrential downpour that came down from the sea we were camping moments from. Water poured through the roof into the other single room to my left and onto the head of a 6ft 5in guy who was crammed into an undersized sleeping bag.

“We woke up the next morning cold, soaked and reeking of wet cheese and onion pringles (we had left them in the porch area). Turns out we forgot to put the roof of the tent on and the guy who had water dripping on all night actually used the roof as a pillow. He immediately launched a nonsensical tirade, accusing the queen of "being all high and powerful in her palace and not having to camp for her job".

“It was absolutely hilarious but we managed to have a great weekend. It's always the perfect story to lug up to the pub over a pint.”

Too drunk to pitch a tent

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Uninvited guest on camping trip

Reddit users stfreak tells his story of a camping trip with his father:

"I was living in southern Colorado at the time, going to college, and my dad and I decided to go camping for the night. We chose our spot, set up camp and made dinner - nothing unusual. Dinner was being cooked just as the sun was setting and I was standing there stuffing a plate of pasta in my face, my father was doing the same when suddenly we heard this deafening roar.

"We look around and it's almost so dark now that we couldn't see our hands in front of our eyes without the campfire. We were both dead still, scared to even move. Neither of us could see any eyes or tree movement or anything that would indicate wildlife, but we were both certain we had heard a roar and it was so close that we were both certain it was a bear was (while a mountain lion would have a more feline feel). like 'rawr').

"'Let's go!' my dad said throwing his plate on the fire. I did the same and we jumped in his truck and drove off petrified. My dad is a total curmudgeon so it says a lot that he had his camp (tent and all) outside leaves where everyone can grab it, plus wasted $15 on gas going home, and then have to come back and go home again.”

Held hostage by cows


Tent turns into swimming pool

Hannah from Brighton shares her story of a tent that didn't keep her dry during a festival:

"I went to the Secret Garden Party a few years ago and borrowed my friend's pop-up tent. It had a small issue as one of the tent poles was slightly broken making it look a bit limp but it seemed fine - at least I thought so. On the first night the skies opened up and I woke up at 6am to find I was actually lying (under water) in a pond in my tent. It was completely flooded and had rained so much that I practically swam in my sleeping bag.

"I didn't have to sleep in a puddle for the rest of the festival thanks only to my amazing brother-in-law who bought me a tent in one of the festival shops!"

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