Do I need a TV license for a caravan or camper?

Whether you're staying in a trailer, camper, or going on vacation, you need to make sure you have a television license if you plan to watch or record live television.

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Whether you live in a caravan, camper van or are on holiday, many people will watch TV, but whether you need a TV license or not depends on how you watch or record live TV or programs on the BBC's iPlayer.

If you have a TV in a caravan or motor home that is your primary residence, you must apply for a TV license. If the TV in your caravan or camper is viewed or recorded at the same time as the TV in your primary residence, you will need a separate license to cover your secondary residence.

Exceptions to the Television License

The exception to a TV license is if the TV in your caravan or motor home is never used at the same time as the one in your main residence. To prove that you are not using both TVs at the same time, you must have a Non-Concurrent Use Statement print out, fill in and sign and send to the TV licensing agency.

For a declaration to be recognized you must have a television license at your primary residence and your caravan or motor home must be capable of being moved from one location to another (e.g. by being towed or being transported on a vehicle or trailer).

TV Licensing spokesman Jason Hill said it's important for people to understand the difference between licensing a caravan and a stationary caravan: "If you get caught watching TV without a license it can really put a damper on your holiday - we'd like to that people make sure they stay on the right side of the law.”

Penalties for not having a TV license

A standard TV license costs £145.50 (£49.50 for black and white) for a year, with a range of payment options including monthly, weekly and quarterly bills. It covers the use of a TV, computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS recorder to watch or record TV programmes.

Watching or recording programs without the appropriate television license is a punishable offence. The maximum fine in the UK is £1,000 (£2,000 in Guernsey and £500 in Jersey) plus any legal costs and/or compensation.

To pay for a TV license, visit the TV Licensing Website .

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